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Here we have listed the most common questions we receive regarding us and our products, and responses to them. Is your question not listed? Send us an email via the contact page!

General questions


How quickly will I receive my ordered goods?
We have 1-2 days for delivery. If you order before at 06.00 p.m., we will send them the same day.

How much is the shipping cost?
You always get free shipping and handling at Stencilsonline

How do I achieve the best result?
Remember that no paint the world hides a poorly surface. A sleek and smooth wall/surface is a prerequisite for a good result, so be careful with the preparations.

What are your payment options?
We can offer payments with your Paypal account. If you don't have/want a Paypal account they offer payments via VISA, Mastercard, American Express etc.

You do not have a particular design I would like, can you do something about it?
We can't guarantee special requests but send an email to us through our contact page and tell us about the design you want. We will do our best to make it happen.

Questions about our products, "Wall Stencils"


How does Wall stencils work?

Wall stencils are used with traditional techniques of painting on the wall. It's simply a template that you paint in/on, and it makes the designs pattern on the surface/wall.

1. Select the stencil(s)you want here at Stencilsonline.
2. The stencils are sent printed on a selected 0.16 mm film in standard size.
3. They are delivered uncut for you to enlarge/reduce the motive for the size that best fits your needs. We include a professional stencil knife so that you can easily cut it.
4. Paint the stencil on the wall.

We always include painting instructions and tips.

What's the size of the Wall stencils?
They're ranging in size depending on the design but always contained within the stencil area of ​​21x29 cm (0,7x1,0 feet). If you are looking for larger designs, we can recommend our Wall concepts.

Can I change size of the Wall stencil?
Sure you can! You can copy it up to what size you want! One tip is to make multiple copies of the subject if you copy the paper and not plastic sheets. Paper is not as resistant against paint.

What do I need?
1. One or more stencils.
2. A fitting wall color.
3. A sponge gives better result than a brush. For best result, choose a professional stencil sponge like this one.
4. A little masking tape to secure the stencil on the wall. Makes it much easier. It also allows you to easily move the stencil to the next position without having a mess with the paint.

Questions about our products, "Wall Concepts"


How does Wall Concepts work?

1 Wall Concept are designs that you project on the wall,and then paint with   regular wall paint and brush.
2 Choose how you want your Wall concept delivered in the dropdown menu

 - Do you use an overhead projector or our projector rod, choose "With post".
 - Do you use a digital projector connected to your computer or similar, select "Digital via email"

3 As soon as we receive it, your order are shipped.
4 Depending on the method you chose, you either get the wall concept in the home mailbox or as an file via email.
 5 Go to the paint dealer and buy the colors you want.
6 Paint the stencil on the wall.

What's the size of the Wall Concepts?
From a few centimeters up to 5 meters (16-17 feet). The distance between the wall / surface, the projector and you decide.